Error 1016 - no access to DNS zone Manager

registrar: GoDaddy

Hi, I’m getting 1016 error when trying to access my website. GoDaddy lists Cloudflare as my DNS.
Cloudflare says Bytehost handles my DNS zone. I do not have a working Bytehost account. Apparently, I missed the ICANN 15 day email verification period resulting in my domain being disabled.

How do I resolve this? I’ve had so much trouble trying to go the free host route. Now I simply want to fix this problem and set my site at GoDaddy on a paid plan.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi @kelarny,

That seems to be accurate

$ dig ns +short

Ah, is that what you see in the DNS section of your Cloudflare dashboard instead of a list of records?

Did you originally enable Cloudflare through their integration, but now moved away from them?

I suspect you have two options here.

  1. Remove the domain from Cloudflare and re-add it directly in the Cloudflare dashboard, then follow the onboarding instructions. This should hopefully add your domain on a full setup instead of the partner setup you currently seem to be on.

  2. Stop using Cloudflare and switch back to GoDaddy for DNS. Change the nameservers at your registrar (that also seems to be GoDaddy) to point to their DNS and manage it from there. You can then remove your domain from Cloudflare.

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Hello @domjh,

Thank you ever so much for your speedy reply! Following the advice in step one, and changing GoDaddy to point at the updated Cloudflare servers has solved the problem.

Once again,
Thank you.

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No problem, glad you were able to get it sorted!

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