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Hi, I’m having the 1016 error on a new site setup. I just switched my DNS over the Cloudflare, and have no errors within the CF DNS management - I have a CNAME @ Thought maybe I just needed to wait for everything to propagate but I got an email saying that the nameservers have been successfully pointed to CF and a third party DNS lookup says the same. Any suggestions on how to solve this?

I must be missing something. Definitely been a little spoiled by the simple Cloudflare setup offered through Siteground partner in the past.

what do the DNS entries for your apex domain and www subdomain look like? post screenshot if you can. you currently have them orange-clouded; if you grey-cloud them what happens? recommend leaving them grey-clouded until you’re sure everything is up and working perfectly, then you can try orange-clouding them.

Here’s a screenshot. I tried turning proxy off with no results.

Also tried deleting the primary CNAME record, replacing with an A record for the root and resolving to my host IP - didn’t change anything either, so I just re-did the CNAME as it was originally.

Okay so you have your apex domain & www subdomain pointing to a bogus CNAME.

it’s okay to point them to a CNAME but the target needs to be a valid DNS name that actually resolves to an IP” is not a valid DNS name in that there are no A or AAAA records for it

what were you trying to accomplish exactly by using that CNAME?

I originally had this “setup” through Siteground’s quasi one-click setup - so these records were probably first created in that process. They axed that setup from their back end, but when I went to set up the site manually in Cloudflare, it pulled these in and there were no DNS errors, so I thought it was all fine.

I’m obviously very new to this. Is it recommended to use an A record over against a CNAME?

So Siteground is still your web host? Or you have a different web host now? Do you have an IP or list of IPs from your webhost that you’re supposed to point to?

The most common setup would be to create one or more A records for your apex domain (and AAAA records if your host supports IPV6), and then for your www subdomain, you can either do it the same way OR just make it a CNAME pointing to your apex domain.

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Yes I’m still with SG and I have an IP.

I got it working here using the A and CNAME like you mentioned. Thank you so much for your help with this!

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