Error 1016 My website was working and suddenly this error appears

Need Help, I don’t know why suddenly all my websites inside Cloudfare stopped working. (Error 1016), my DNS redirection was set with CNAME and was working very well until now.


I am also having that issue and it is frustrating not being able to contact them.

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I am having this same issue, no changes to my DNS. And no support…

I’m having the same issue. What’s going on…?

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I hope this is a Cloudflare issue because I just ran into this myself and I am beside myself trying to figure out why this has stopped working.

I’m pretty sure it’s Cloudflare issue, because it happens to multiple websites of mine which obviously use all different servers. The only common component is Clouflare :frowning:

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I’m using Heroku by the way.

It looks like it is the Heroku
“Upon further investigation, our engineers found the issue started at 17:54 UTC Aug 23rd. Our engineers are in communication with our upstream DNS provider and are currently working to fix the issue. We will be providing updates on a 1 hour cadence.”


Me too

Oh so it’s not Cloudflare issue?

If you’re using Heroku, they do currently have an ongoing outage:


I’m having the same issue.

I am having issues as well.

Are you hosting with Heroku? I would recommend talking to their support team if this is the case.

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