Error 1016: My website stopped working

My website stopped working after properly setting up nameservers and 100% completing onboarding on to cloudflare. And now my website is down with:

Error 1016

Ray ID: 8356b424e1fc38d3 • 2023-12-14 13:13:21 UTC

## Origin DNS error

Please I really need my website up and running again. My website is

and this is how it looks on the dashboard

That looks like you entered the wrong content for your CNAME records.

Bets check what the correct values are with your host.


You are pointing your apex and www to, which doesn’t exist in your DNS.

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Hi and thanks! I didn’t mess with the records, all i did is add the nameservers and cloudflare automatically did everything else. So what shall I do? I can’t remove cf. from the cloudflare dashboard records. Is contacting my host the best solution?

Edit: forgot to add ‘‘cloudflare dashboard records’’

This information would usually be shown somewhere on your hosts panel. Either a hostname or an IP address that your server is available on.

However, DNS history tools show me that you used these addresses until now (and they still seem correct, bust best check if you confirm these with your host):



You would need to create 4 records, an A and AAAA each for the names @ and www.

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Cheers Laudian, the records are already there from what I see on Plesk.

I’m quite unsure what’s going wrong here to be honest… I’m not very tech savvy. I’ve attached a screenshot with the records on plesk (some are hidden because of keys)

Attaching screenshot

Records are doing you no good in Plesk.

Cloudflare handles your DNS now, so you need to recreate all the records you see in Plesk in Cloudflare.

That’s weird because when I integrated cloudflare for another website, it automatically imported all records into cloudflare dashboard, but in my case it’s totally messed.

A number of problems might occur during the automatic import. It’s best (and required, really) to always check and make sure you add all the missing records by hand.

The following records seem to indicate that you were using Cloudflare previously via a CNAME setup: -> ->

As it’s not working now, best replace the www record with A and AAAA as well.

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Hm, so it’s safe to delete the record that has in it? Truth is we had to delete and re-do cloudflare from scratch because Cloudflare APO wouldn’t work with the old setup (had cloudflare set up with servershield waaaay ago).

Delete the existing records in Cloudflare, then create all the records you see in Plesk, with the exception that you also use A/AAAA for the www record.

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Cheers Laudian, I’ll give it a go. Should I delete on Plesk these two records below from the previous Cloudflare setup? -> ->

It really doesn’t matter what you do on Plesk. I’d just leave them be as is for now.

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IT WORKS!!! Thank you so much Laudian for the thorough work!!! Wish I could award you or something!!

One last question, these are the records I’ve added into Cloudflare. Do they look alright now? Will my emails come through too?

Mail, ftp, the domainkeys, autoconfig and automizely all should be unproxied.

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Cheers Laudian! Including webmail too?

No, webmail can stay proxied.

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Thank you for your assistance, I REALLY appreciate it! :smiley:

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