Error 1016 means our website is not showing

Our website is not working and shows the following error:

"# Error 1016

Ray ID: 88dab84c3c9579c9 • 2024-06-02 22:01:04 UTC

Origin DNS error"

We have added it to Cloudflare and migrated it from one webhost (Hostgator) to another (Clook UK). It used to work fine. I’ve noticed the domain name has a lot of DNS records (which have been taken from Hostgator) that our other domain names with the same webhost, which all work fine, don’t have.

Please see the DNS records on Cloudflare below.

Could anyone kindly help please?

The screenshot of those DNS records is not the domain you’re having the trouble with.


My sincerest apology. Uploaded for rather than

I’ve now rectified the screenshot of the DNS records in Cloudflare.

These are different to our domain name which has the identical set-up in terms of the webhost settings, usage of Cloudflare etc. Therefore, I am wondering whether we need to change some of the DNS records please?

I’ll post the DNS settings screenshot below.

One other difference I’ve noticed is that for (which is showing Error 1016) the SSL encryption mode is set in Cloudflare to be ‘Flexible’ whereas for and other domain names which do work it is set as ‘Full’. But I don’t know if that would cause this error message?

Thanks very much.

I’ve tried setting the SSL encryption for to ‘Full’ like the other domain names that do work and waited a while, but the following error message is still appearing for the URL:

"# Error 1016

Ray ID: 88e2d909b9acdc25 • 2024-06-03 21:41:31 UTC

Origin DNS error"

Your DNS record for points to

However, does not exist in your DNS records, which is why you see the error you see.

Make sure you replace that with the correct DNS record.


Thanks ever so much for that!

The domain name is finally working again now!

As we are transferring the usage of several domain names from Hostgator to Clook hosting, I wanted to clarify something.

We have set the A records for “www” to Clook’s for as somebody at the host has currently suggested.

However, previously we were told that the “www” should be a CNAME. So, for example, for our domain name (which works fine) it is:


Does Cloudflare recommend a CNAME or A record for “www” please?

Also, for, I’ve noticed that there are several other records that our other domains don’t have. For instance, there is the following:


Should we keep or delete these please?

It doesn’t really make a difference. A CNAME record just means “use the same record that is used for this other name”.

So if you have one A record and all others are CNAMEs, that makes it a bit easier if you ever have to change the IP address, but nothing dramatic.

You can delete old _acme-challenge records.


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