Error 1016 issue

I am encountering Error 1016 on my site after migrating it from Siteground to Cloudways, and changing the nameservers from Namecheap to Cloudflare. But I still can’t fix the DNS from Cloudflare because it says it’s still pointing to siteground 11.01.2022-20.39.53 please help

Sounds like Sitegrounds hasn’t given up control. You should check out liberate the hostname.

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Added the DNS records, but not yet if it’s correct: 11.02.2022-08.02.03

Also, regarding:

Type CNAME , name , value .

can’t add it because SG wants me to enter something before the domain name. Here’s a screenshot:

Thanks in advance for your help

Try using @ there - that should work.

Thanks but it says @ is an invalid DNS name:

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