Error 1016 if trying to open with https


Dear community,

My site is ssl is active, but if I try to open with https it gives error- 1016

My DNS settings are following-
A(type) Ip address (value)
www (CNAME) domain name(value)

Do I need to add more DNS? Please help me guys.

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You’re probably using SSL in Strict mode, and there’s no SSL certificate on your server. Your server needs an SSL certificate for your domain to be able to use Strict mode.


Hello sdayman,

I tried to Flexible and Full(strict) also. But no result, now I may go away from cloudflare. I will try last time if you suggest me something.



Can you set your DNS entries here to :grey:? That will at least show if your site works without Cloudflare.


Showing and and not the Cloudflare name servers.
It also shows the domain is just parked domain
When/if you resolve that then set the A record to the 50.xx.xx.xx IP (if that the proper IP to your host.
One thing to remember with DNS you can’t switch nameservers back and forth. You must set them and wait for full propagation (some times several hours).,When testing your site, make sure you are using DevTools and not caching or manually clearing cache (not refresh) each time you check.

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