Error 1016 How to fix

How do I fix this error pls, I recently changed my dns to what Cloudflare gave me

Help pls

The error likely means you have a CNAME record set for www, but the target address does not resolve.

If your record is CNAME - www - note that you don’t have a DNS record for

You can show a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS records if unsure.

This is it

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What do I do from here

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this is the link

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Your problem is as I guessed…

So you need to create a DNS record for @ ( that points to your host/server.

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How do I do that?

The same way as you created your other records. As here…

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It’s the same as my host, I just checked


If I’m unable to fix this after 24hrs I’d go back to my host dns … this is getting complicated

See what I’m talmbout

Your cPanel DNS settings are irrelevant, your DNS is managed by Cloudflare.

You still don’t have a DNS record at Cloudflare for which is needed so the CNAME for www will resolve as that’s what it is pointed to.

Until you do that, it won’t work.


Should I give u my login details to check?

? Are u there

@bigklausxxx: No community member here is going to log in to your account to fix anything for you for obvious liability reasons.

You’ve been given all the necessary information to fix your problem.

To repeat what @sjr has told you multiple times already: get to your Cloudflare dashboard, open the domain in question (if you have more than one domain), navigate to your DNS screen, and add an A record pointed at your hosting server’s IP address (which seems to be per your screenshot above.)

If you can’t follow these basic step-by-step instructions in the link you were provided to add the DNS record (see my screenshot below), then consider hiring a tech person (outside the community forums) to do this for you.


I’ve done that

My site is still blank

Flush your local DNS cache. Or just wait for the change to “propagate”.

I can see your site, as shown in the screenshot below.

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Oh it’s not displaying on mobile

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