Error 1016 for valid Cloudflare Pages site

I have a Cloudflare Pages site that I want to resolve to. My nameservers point to Cloudflare, correct? My Cloudflare DNS is:

I am getting error 1016 for

One thing that is confusing is that all the explanations for solving the problem indicate the problem can be solved by adding an A record yet as best as I can tell I can have Cloudflare Pages sites without an A record in the DNS. It is frustrating when articles such as those are very general and intended to apply to many situations. I am not sure how much of the troubleshooting applies to Cloudflare Pages sites.

I have set up other Cloudflare Pages sites, for example:

That works and I do not understand what the difference is. When I do a domain check for I get A records but I do not know where they are coming from.

Have you added the domain as a custom domain in the settings of your Pages project?

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I think not. I am attempting to add the custom domain to my Pages project now. Probably that is the problem/solution.

That is the problem with troubleshooting articles such as the ones describing error 1016. They often are too general. In this case perhaps the article(s) need to be updated to include this situation.

It is now saying I must log into my DNS provider and add a CNAME record. As best as I know, Cloudflare is my DNS provider and I already provided the CNAME records I need. Cloudflare is saying that the custom domain is being verified and hopefully I am set up now and I simply need to wait.

The problem was more complex. I had previously used hosting from IBM Cloud CodeEngine so there were a couple of workers for the site. I removed them and the site is now working.

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