Error 1016 for Domain and Subdomain even after following all the steps


I’m using Namecheap as Host and Domain Registrar is Godaddy.

I changed the DNS as mentioned on Cloudflare but now My website is visible to few people and for few, it’s not visible and the error is error 1016 and for the subdomain, it’s not loading for anyone. it shows the same error (error 1016)


Screenshot of Setting:

Thank You

Hi @ashishyadav4ever1,

This is probably the best place to start troubleshooting:

Domain name resolution record setting error

Thank You for the response but I couldn’t find anything wrong.

Go to the DNS settings page of cloudflare to see what the record value of your domain name resolution is and check it.

I have added the screenshot of the DNS Page but it all seems to be correct. can You access the website?

Your settings are correct,
It’s really strange.
You remove from cloudflare, try adding again.

I Added the domain again but still same error

Disable dnssesc

Thanks it Disabling solved the issue for main domain but after adding the subdomain it’s still showing the error SS:

Has the dnssec of the domain name provider closed?
Try to restore the default SSL, do not force it.

Deletion is still in process and for SSL I have Chosen Full

Main Domain was working before but now that I’m checking its showing Error 1016 Origin DNS error Again.

Thank You

Add a domain name without CDN to see if the resolution is normal.

Sorry I didn’t get you.

Should I change to dns only after doing this

Still website is not working

You add a second-level domain name without CDN, which is grayed out. See if the domain name resolution is normal.

Sorry I still don’t get what do you mean by without CDN I tried both Making secondary domain ( I make it using DNS only wich is gray cloud and via proxy orange cloud still nothing is working.

If you want I can share you my credentials if you want to have a look.

Thank You

Sorry, I used translation software to publish the content, which may not be accurate.
You add a secondary domain name and do not go through the CDN to test whether the domain name resolution service is normal.

How should I do it as there is n option to make domain go through CDN.

Add subdomain, set gray. image