Error 1016 even though DNS record is correct

I added an A DNS record for the subdomain of my domain, pointing to the ipv4 of my server that is hosted on DigitalOcean. I can browse to the ipv4 and it loads the page. But when I browse to the subdomain I get error 1016. In the documentation it says to check if the DNS record is correct and it is.

I opened ports 80 and 443, I also allowlisted all of cloudflares IPs.

How do I fix this?

Do you mind providing the domain name? Can you please also share a screenshot of the error message?

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Domain name is

DNS record:

So, it seems that I am stuck because I am using a .dev domain, which only accepts HTTPS. Since the server has no SSL certificate, it won’t connect to it.

I can’t add an SSL certificate from let’s encrypt as they only give them to domains, not ip’s.

I’ll have to either get an ssl certificate for the ip, or add a non .dev domain to my server, I think. Any other options?

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Aside from ACME HTTP-01 validation, there is not many good reasons to use unencrypted HTTP anymore.

Is there something preventing you from issuing a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate for you .dev domain?

You can use Let’s Encrypt to issue a certificate for origin server as well, but it may be more complicated depending on how well you know both platforms.

My .dev has a Cloudflare SSL.

I ended up adding a different domain to my server, now everything works like I want.

Thanks anyways for the help!

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