Error 1016 DNS origin


We are having the following error.

An external domain created a CNAME record to our Cloudflare subdomain and produces the following error: 1016 Origin DNS error.

My understanding here would be that Cloudflare blocks this external domain from reaching to us , and we would need to convert our domain to a cname setup.

Can anyone advice me?

Thank you!

If you want other domains to use your account, you would need to subscribe to SaaS:

Does your CNAME or website resolve to an unresolvable website? (i.e: One that gives a Cloudflare branded error) If so then that’s the cause of the error, also you should check out this link

Its an external domain (not cloudflare ) which has added a cname record to our owned subdomain. The subdomain we own resolves correctly.

Cloudflare will not reply to requests for unknown hostnames. This is exactly the same behaviour as any such service. (If you just point a load of random MX records at Microsoft do you expect them to know your intent without any configuration being performed in their systems?

The ways to make a hostname “known” to Cloudflare are:

  • Adding the domain as a full setup.
  • Adding the hostname using a CNAME setup.
  • Using Cloudflare for SAAS (as stated by @sdayman above).
  • Using Custom Hostnames (essentially the same as SAAS)
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