Error 1016 DNS errors

I have my domain on DNSimple, with the following nameservers:


Then, in my Cloudflare account, I have the following CNAME’s (no A records)

CloudApp keeps giving me 1016 errors, but the domain I’m pointing to ( resolves fine.


Not sure what I’m doing wrong, is it just a matter of waiting 24 hours? Any help is appreciated!

I see that the destination is not using Cloudflare. So I have only two theories:

  1. The destination (getdohq) is not configured to respond to your domain.
  2. Cloudflare doesn’t like CNAMEs point to CNAMEs (this is a distant second)

I see @sandro is replying, so maybe he has a better theory.

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It appears your DNS configuration for confused Cloudflare a bit.

Your CNAME generally points to a host which is not on Cloudflare and which resolves. That host’s domain is not on Cloudflare either, however it seems you added that domain at one point to Cloudflare and still have it active there, even though the domain itself does not point to Cloudflare any more.

In order to get this working you’d either need to remove the from your Cloudflare account or move the domain properly to Cloudflare.

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I feel as if somebody is watching me :smile:

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Ahh yes I did have that there as a test last night. I removed it. Will it take a bit to recognize its removal?

You all are awesome and so quick btw!


It could take a while until Cloudflare realises it shouldnt bother any longer about that domain :slight_smile:

If you need to speed it up you would probably have to open a support ticket.

Its working now, thanks a milllllion!


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