Error 1016 cloudflare and godaddy, CNAME NOT RESOLVED

Hi, I started using cloudflare on my site lately and everything worked just fine until today suddenly I got this Error 1016 Origin DNS error.
My domain is from Godaddy, and the hosting server is Heroku.

The nameservers in godday are:


I’ve followed the instructions on the error page and tried the DNS Lookup.
I got for the RESOLVED for the ‘A’ Lookup:

but when I do the CNAME check I get NOT RESOLVED.

How can I fix this error?


Typing without the www forwarded to www, which brings up a site:

Thank you sdayman,

but that doesn’t really solve my problem.

if someone copies the url(with the www) and gives it so someone else, so this other someone will get the error message.

what’s causing this problem and how I can fix it so even when someone types he won’t get the error message?

And why doe’s the DNS LookUp Check shows the CNAME is not resolved?
I’m adding a screenshot of the Page Rules just in case it got something to do with it.

BTW: I tried typing without the www and it still didn’t work.

www resolves as an “A” record because you have it set to :orange:

And with the www, it resolved around the world. In short, I can not find any problems with the site.

But why wouldn’t my site work on some countries- like Israel, where I am.

For some reason the site works perfectly on mobiles here, but if you turn on the Wi-Fi it won’t work.

What causes it, and how can I fix it?

Looks similar to this thread:

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Yes: there are intermittent 1016 errors and it seems to be only for end users in Israel!

I can get around it (as an end user) by using a VPN to almost anywhere in the world, but it is not satisfactory and Cloudflare definitely have an infrastructure issue that needs looking at.

Thank you domjh,

Good to know I’m not the only one facing this frustrating issue.
I’ve joined that thread,
As you can see the problem is not solved yet by Cloudflare,
I hope that someone there is aware of the problem and doing something about it.


I don’t know if anyone in Cloudflare actually fixed the problem, but now the site loads properly also on devices connected to wifi.

BUT, now I’m facing the same 1016 error issue in another website I have using Cloudflare(An older website that didn’t have any problems until today).

So if whoever responsible to fixing the problem sees this-
that’s the url



We are also facing with this issue, only users from Israel that are using Wi-Fi are not able to login to our site . We are using cloudflare and godaddy as well.
I sent a support ticket 5 days ago and still no answers. We are loosing paying users because of this issue. Is there anything we can do to solve it?
Thank you

Please find the attached screenshot. Any advice?


I’m experiencing the same issues with my domains reported by others. Some IL users are getting the 1016 error when visiting our domains ( for example). I use a cname dns setup that’s pointed to heroku servers - I saw this pattern coming up again on the different threads regarding this problem so maybe its related.
The issue is happening sporadically over the last 4 weeks or so.

Cloudflare team - please help us here!

Ebazon abd eyalbe,
Are you hosting your sites at Heroku?

I read a suggestion in another thread that it might be the source to our issue.

Find it here:

Thanks, I’ll add my comments there as well. @WhiteCosmic

Sorry to simply put a “+1” here – but we are also facing this issue. We’re not based in Israel ourselves, but we heard from users located there that they are facing this issue.

Our service is hosted on Heroku.

Starting to very firmly believe this is an issue for one of Israel’s largest ISP’s Bezeq Int. Trying to find some way to make them fix their systems but it’s not easy.

We have open tickets with CloudFlare and Heroku.
This is the latest update we got from Heroku:

What’s happening here is that two providers, Cloudflare+Bezeq and our DNS provider, are experiencing network difficulties routing traffic to each other. I don’t have information about who made what change and will not point the finger. We have been in touch with both Cloudflare and our DNS provider, myself personally regularly this week. We’re actively working with both parties for a resolution.

I don’t have an ETA, I apologize for the disruption this has caused.

Jason @ Heroku

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Latest from CloudFlare:

Michelle B (Cloudflare)

Apr 23, 12:21 PM PDT

Hi there,

Thank you very much for your patience while our team addresses these instances Origin DNS resolution errors.

We have received a notification from our team that the underlying issue related to these increases in 530/1016 errors has been resolved and that these errors should no longer be occurring.

Please do not hesitate to reply back to this ticket should you encounter any more 530 or 1016 errors and we will be happy to investigate further.

If you have any more questions please get back to us and let us know.

Best wishes,

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