Error 1016 after switching to cloudflare registrar


I’m using a Cloudflare partner namecheap for my hosting needs. I have the Cloudflare app in cPanel and had my domains setup via cname, and everything was great until…I changed one of my domains from namecheap to the new Cloudflare registrar.

Apparently Cloudflare registrar requires a change from cname setup to a full dsn set up, and doesn’t allow for name server change back to name cheap. I’ve tried setting my the Cloudflare app in cPanel to full zone dns, but that doesn’t work either as I’m getting an Error 1016. How can I use this domain that is now hosted with Cloudflare with my namecheap hosting plan?

Not sure what to do here… Thanks for the help!

You should make the DNS records at Cloudflare match those at your host. If you go to the DNS editor at your host and copy across the A records, MX records etc. Your site should continue to function as before.

Thanks for the reply. Isn’t Cloudflare supposed to scan your site and automatically do that? I tried deleting the site from Cloudflare, then re-adding it but it didn’t copy the dns settings from my hosting provider.

Cloudflare tries its best with the most common DNS records, but due to recent dns restrictions to prevent DNS enumeration, Cloudflare has to use a wordlist of the most common subdomain names. It might not find all obscure and uncommon subdomains, which you’ll need to add back manually.

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I think it has something to do with the fact that Cloudflare registrar doesn’t allow us to change our domains name servers away from Cloudflare. If I could change them to name cheaps temporarily, then Cloudflare could pull the dns from name cheap automatically, then I could then switch it back to Cloudflare name servers. I have no idea what records to copy over, and there are so many this will likely take hours…I guess this is what I get for trying to save a few bucks lol.

I see no way to export records into a file in name cheap either. I’m going to go bug their customer support about this, because they are a Cloudflare partner and I’d assume that the Cloudflare app in cPanel should be able to do all the work just as before.


Add an A record pointing to namecheap server ip, and a cname record for www. Then copy any mx records over.

What is different to what I posted before here?

Just to help me give more helpful advice in future and to help others with a similar issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Nother other than my understanding as a noob. Also I didn’t need to copy ALL of the records that were on the namecheap side. All that was needed were 2. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the feedback. I will try and make this clearer in future.

If you don’t copy across all the records, it can sometimes become an issue later. For example, if you copy the MX records but not the TXTs with your SPF records, it can cause email delivery problems later. I just always recommend copying them all over so that another question doesn’t come up later, why is my email now showing as not authenticated now I am using Cloudflare etc.

Ah cool thanks for the explanation. I use google apps for business for email so I just have to copy over those mx records.

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