Error 1016 after completed transfer

I just transferred my domain registrations for two sites to Cloudflare. The transfer shows as completed, but my sites return Error 1016.

My A records at Cloudflare (184.) match the A records at my hosting provider (where the registration was previously), but I notice that the DNS checker mostly returns 172. and 104., with only a handful returning 184. Do I just need to wait for the 184 to propogate?

CNAME record at Cloudflare shows “cloudflare-resolve-to.[my site address]” while the record at my provider shows “www.[my site address].cdn.cloudflare[dot]net” for the same site. DNS Checker does not show any CNAME record for my sites.
Do I need to do something with the record at Cloudflare?

Update: I removed the CNAME records so that I could add A records; that solved the problem for one domain, but the other one returned DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.

It’s probably important to note that the second site is actually an addon domain to the first site but with its own URL. The addon site quickly enabled the DNSSEC and showed a DS record, but the main site was still showing that the DNSSEC setup is in progress. Once the DNSSEC was completed, the addon site was back online.

Problem solved.

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