Error 1016 after changing name server from bluehost


Hi, i have recetly changed my nameserver from bluehost to cloudflare.
It seems that it returns 1016 error.
Help, i’m totally a newbie in this, and I don’t know a lot of this network scientific name.
So, all the super basic help is needed here!.

For now i have contacted bluehost, and they told me to contact cloudflare

Here is a screenshot

Below is my name server



I really don’t know where to start and so I had to post all the details.
Feel free to let me know if you guys need any information.
Please be more explanation because i’m so Zero on this.
Apologize for my Zeroness.


Your DNS entries at Cloudflare should match the DNS entries you have at Bluehost.

The usual cause of this error is a DNS record that points to a Cloudflare server. It creates a circular reference that can’t resolve.

On the Cloudflare DNS tab, are you using an “A” record for your domain, or a CNAME entry?



Maybe, i’m just dumb but where to see that?
I thought already gave the image necessary

Maybe the image below can help


Dang, DNS records are set at Bluehost. I’d bug them again. If they’re going to be a Cloudflare partner, they need to help their users out with a Cloudflare setup.

Other than the name server change, did you change any DNS entries at Bluehost? If you change your name server back to Bluehost, does it still work?


I’ll try change it back to Bluehost

dang it, looks like it doesn’t work. I’m afraid now


after changing back server to bluehost, it works fine.

Still I cannot figure out how can I change to Coudflare,
I want to change to Cloudflare because I found a site suggesting changing to Cloudflare will make my site increase speeds.

I think image below might helps


Did you follow Bluehost’s steps to activate the Cloudflare setup?

From the following article, it looks like you don’t have to change your name servers to Cloudflare:


I see, perhaps that is true.
I change my nameserver because the page that I read told me to do that.
Maybe, I don’t need to do it.

Other question

my primary domain also transferred to Cloudflare are having no problem

Just another question that pop ups in my head


That’s an interesting data point. Theoretically, your DNS entries at Bluehost for both domains should be identical. Are they?


I think so. How’s to check it?


You’d have to go to Bluehost and look for your DNS settings. Hopefully they have a page that lets you add or edit your DNS entries.


A 1016 Error (HTTP 530) means we could not fix DNS to find your origin IP. When you can’t find your origin server IP, you can’t send requests to your server, so we return this error. You can try the suggestions:

  • Confirm the value of this record, e.g. it will likely be a CNAME to something external to for example
  • Check the DNS resolution of the CNAME value using a tool like dig or nslookup or an online service. More details on this below.


is this it?

i don’t think this will help much.

Bluehost is so confusing because they use new design on their hosting dashboard.
I can’t find a single thing.

btw sorry for late reply.


Finally, I found DNS Zone editor in bluehost. Is this the file that you want me to check?


Guys, did my did not work because it has ssl?

I don’t think this has SSL anyway. how to check this. so confused. I’m so sorry Cloudflare team


Those DNS entries are all CNAMEs to your domain name, which isn’t listed in that screen. Somewhere there has to be an A record with the actual IP address of that server. Or maybe some hidden CNAME. I also don’t see an MX record, which you need in order to receive email.

I don’t use CNAMEs unless I have to. I see you’re back to Bluehost DNS, and it is showing a real IP address for the domain. I would go back to your Cloudflare DNS tab and start plugging in that IP address for your DNS entries’ A records. Only the main domain, www, and webmail entries should be :orange:, and the others :grey:.

Hang in there…you’re almost there.


Is this the one that you mean by A record?

is this the MX record that you said?

Where can I input all this information on cloudflare?


Looking back through the thread, I see Bluehost wants you to use the Partner setup, so DNS is set at Bluehost.

That last screen does show a proper A record for your main domain, denoted by the @. The MX record also looks good. If possible, can you change the TTL to 300 on everything? That way, any changes take effect in about 5 minutes, rather than 4 hours (14,400 seconds).

Focusing just on your website, Bluehost says all you need to do is “Activate” Cloudflare in the Domains section. I’d change the TTL, then wait 4 hours for all DNS to update, then Activate your domain for Cloudflare.

If it’s still broken, start bugging Bluehost relentlessly.

(Read next post for how I handle Cloudflare setups)

EDITED: Changed TTL to 300 seconds (5 minutes) instead of 3600 seconds (1 hour).


Personally, I would set up Cloudflare manually, and completely avoid a partner setup.

With that in mind, can you login to your Cloudflare account at I believe you were able to do this. Your DNS page here tells you to open up a support request to switch your Cloudflare account over to standard mode (DNS hosted here):

At that point, you’ll be able to add DNS records that match your Bluehost setup, then tweak it as you go along.