Error 1015 - You are bering Rate limited with worker

Hello guys.

I got a problem with my prestashop & cloudflare firewall.

I always get Error 1015 and banned when I do too many changes in my backoffice (i’m just sorting my products in category)

I already disabled the firewall, made rules to whitelist my ip, made complete exception rule for backoffice.
Nothing of that is working, because it’s not a normal rule its a Cloudflare Rule from the Worker.

Do you have any idea how to whitelist the URL or anything to make those changes without getting banned?

Thank you!


As shown in your screenshot, you’re hitting the worker firewall rule, which in this case means that Cloudflare’s abuse protection is kicking in and blocking your traffic because you are sending thousands of requests in a small time from just a small number of ip addresses.

Normally Cloudflare’s abuse protection methods should not affect well-intentioned traffic, but when it does affect legitimate traffic (which it apparently does in this case), you should contact Cloudflare support and request them to lift the limit.

Cloudflare’s abuse protection methods do not affect well-intentioned traffic. However, if you send many thousands of requests per second from a small number of client IP addresses, you can inadvertently trigger Cloudflare’s abuse protection. If you expect to receive 1015 errors in response to traffic or expect your application to incur these errors, contact Cloudflare to increase your limit.

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Thanks for your tipps!
Yes, but I really don’t understand because I’m only doing really custom changes on my page, no spam at all…

How to get a support from them now?

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