Error 1015 Ray ID: 57a49dc4cba9fb69 • 2020-03-26 23:22:53 UTC you are being rate limited

I was playing on a casino site JOKAROOM.COM and won a huge jackpot $140000 au.
I spoke to support and they didn’t say anything was wrong, then out of the blue I get a msg.
I’m not sure why. Can anyone help me figure out whether this is a deliberate attempt not to pay me or it was an accident?

Rate Limiting can’t be targeted against any particular user. It applies to all IP addresses that hit the protected URL.

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Ok so youre saying that it is not the site( trying to get out of paying me. It is something else? If so, what could cause this do you think?
P.S Thanks for taking a look at my thread so quickly!

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