Error 1015 rate limited

Hello team i really need help please i have a big issue my domain people and i can’t acces the website we enter we got error 1015 rate limited i don’t have it in cloudflare tools firewall its disabled i have the free plan i contacted cloudflare but no issue


please help me guyz help me !!!

i have created a ticket in cloudflare please help #2136280

You are rate-limiting the IPs of cloud-flare… it’d sound what’s your setup like? All IPs that hit your server will be that of CloudFlare with information on the IP that wants to access your site.

If you by accident told cloud-flare’s IPs to get lost, that’s your problem… Double check your server-code.
If it’s rate-limit restart it and see if it works. If you find restart fixes it fix your code. easy pz

i never touched my server this happened today and i didnt have rate limit enabled …
but its banning people when they enter immediately !!!
what should i do i opened a ticket support this is just for this domain im confused …

It could be it just made its peak and started happening. I’d examine the code for any rate limiting and check which IPs you are in fact rate-limiting when you perform the task. Once proxied. You are no longer throwing your IP up for users so what you’ll see is a bunch of cloudflare IPs.

this is not relatively common issue unless code is a bit funky!!! :slight_smile:
Free user or not, you’re likely to get contacted if any issues with use so no ticket needed just know what you’re doing wrong!

So double check your code for any rate-limiting if unsure, reset server if you notice things work again after caching period ends, you’re AOK but that assume code on server-end is telling CF to screw-off… :stuck_out_tongue:

I will safely say that if you are using an IP say your own and it’s behind many inputs beyond let’s say 10,000+ connections in development. In my case I had a broker server that I ran under my wan and it makes many connections through the proxied server-links and this triggers CF to stop on that IP. Expectation is that CF is for single input and so much output per IP so connectivity in my case was setup to not do this, all servers work internally on private lan and my front-end code steers CF and its limits.

i think you don’t understand ANY user that enter the website get rate limited banned
if you just enter you got banned for no reason you don’t do anyhitng just enter and bim baned i have no rate limiting set up my server has never been touched
and now i allowed in firewall many countries to avoid this problem until cloudflare fix it !!
do you understand brother? i contacted them via support

That sounds odd, I dig it brudda… :slight_smile:
I hope it’s nothing major but thought code be culpriit easy to mess up CF with your use as a developer/etc. you feel?

any admin in clouflare can help please and check the ticket please the issue hapened today and is coming from you …

Hope it gets sorted for real! Keep coding it should have a fix soon

how can we tell to the team cloudflare to check this !!

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Hi, I looked up your ticket number and saw it was closed automatically for no response. Were you able to resolve your rate limiting issues or do you need this investigated?