Error 1015 on the dashboard (HSTS settings) & SSL mode cannot be selected?

I have an error while trying to access the SSL/TLS settings, when I open them it says:
“An error has occurred, but don’t worry, we’re on it!”

Moreover, wanted to change HSTS settings, and while trying to save says:
“Not allowed to edit setting for security_header (Code: 1015)”

I have recently correctly setup the DNSSEC, moreover rewerted from Minimum TLS: “TLS 1.2” to “Default TLS 1.0.”

Anyone have had that errors?

Thank you!

Is this still not working for you?

“Minimal TLS” - working now.

HSTS - still error, but I believe it’s due to the “administrator” because my account is added to to existing one, which I suppose, is Enterprise - or just an mediator/in between - and has the right? to “limit” and “disable” to modify the standard CloudFlare Pro plan features?

Moreover, I cannot change from “Flexible SSL” to “Full SSL” just because.
It is “dark grayed out”, cannot click it (disabled - if I go to inspect element), while theese feature is even available to change in “Free plan”, and not “paid” over the “mediator” or your CloudFlare Enterprise partner!

Can we somehow re-check if we have limited and disabled features due to the account which we were added via e-mail?
Moreover, if we pay the same as “CloudFlare Pro plan” but have disabled or limited features, which should be available to us, who can we contact about it?

How and who to report that misuse about being on a paid Plan with a limited, blocked or disabled fetures which are available “by default” even on “Free CloudFlare plan”?
Can we somehow report that to CloudFlare team?

Thank you!

@cloonan would be the best contact to untangle this.


Thank you!
Will get on touch with a stated person ASAP :slight_smile:


Great details crossed out, dug deeper and I do see an issue. I suspect this is associated with the plan type for your domain, @fritexvz. It’s one I’m not familiar with, CloudFlare Plan Mobile Monthly. Can you loop in Support and share your ticket number here? They’ll be able to dig deeper.

I suspect you’re correct. I checked the account associated with your community account @fritexvz and don’t see an issue.

Can you share the name of the domain? That will give me more to investigate. If it’s a permissions issue, you’d need to contact the admin that gave you access to change the setting and perhaps check your permissions to see if you were given an Administrator Read Only role?

Here’s a good Support article to reference,

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I am using CloudFlare free plan on some of my domains, while being with one domain on some which is stated as “CloudFlare Plan Mobile Monthly” - as added account to the existing one which is “Super Administrator”.

What does it mean?
What kind of features do I have?
Is that an Enterprise or Optimized plan which I pay on a monthly basis?
Is that some kind of older CloudFlare naming plan like “CloudFlare Free, CloudFlare Mobile, CloudFlare Plus” plans?

Thank you

Hi @fritexvz,

I have merged your other topic to this one to keep the discussion together.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help.


Thank you for fast response. I can provide more information if needed.
I hope I did understand you good, so now I should try to contact the Support and share the ticket number here on this topic, right?
Will do it right immediately.
Thank you for help

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Yes, I understand. Thank you for merging here


Support Ticket ID: 1809888

I have done it with the provided attachment/screenshots and detailed problems.
One more “problem” occured - the “Authenticated Origin Pulls” option is also disabled. It cannot be changed due to dark gray color checkbox “on/off”.

So, basically I cannot setup the “Full SSL”, neither the “Authenticated Origin Pulls”, neither change “HSTS” settings for my dedicated server.

I have successfully received an e-mail as stated below:

Hello fritexvz,

Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support!

Your request (#1809888) has been submitted and a Technical Support Engineer will be contacting you soon. Priority is given to Enterprise, Business and Pro customers, in that order.

To add additional comments or details, reply to this email or go to:

In the meantime you can also find answers to many questions in our Community forums. Join the conversation at:

We also recommend visiting the Cloudflare Help Center. There you will find answers to common questions, steps to issue resolution, and more! Check us out at:

Thank you for contacting us and we look forward to helping you.


Cloudflare Support

Thank you

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Thank you, I’ve added myself to the ticket and will keep an eye on progress. To address one question from the ticket, the issues you’re seeing are related to plan type, not role. If you receive any reply on the ticket indicating it’s an automatic response, please reply back that you’re still having issues.


Ok, I understand.
Got it.

Thank you very much @sdayman, @cloonan and @domjh for the follow up regarding this topic and the stated ticket.


I see the agent has escalated the ticket for assistance, will continue to track.


In the reply as stated, obviously the hosting partner for the desired domain/dedicated server is one of the CloudFlare’s partner program and have limited/locked/disabled the “free features” either the client is paying the plan with more features like Polish, Mirage, etc. (which I find being the same as the standard CloudFlare’s “Pro Plan”).

I really do not understand the point of it.

These are Custom Plans via your Hosting Provider. They are apart of our Hosting Partners program.

Any issues you have with their plans you’ll need to contact them for assistance.

If you want to use Cloudflare standard plans you will need to disable Cloudflare at their end and sign up directly via Cloudflare. If new Cloudflare Features were added after these plans were created, they would not be included and would not work. This seems to be the case in this instance, as that error is an entitlement/billing related error.

Sorry, we couldn’t be more assistance with this.

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Hi again @fritexvz and thank you for following up,

Hosting partners do offer custom plans and sometimes adjust the features available, sometimes due to what they support server side.

They may have disabled that if they do not support configuring it on their end, for example.

Some of the options not available don’t really seem to make sense to me why, though!

As support said, if you want more control, I would sign up directly with Cloudflare.


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