Error 1015

Hello. I have a problem on When I start a stream on this service, people fall off and I don’t get more than a certain amount. For example 10-15 people. When the number reaches 20 people, the “users” tab stops loading and I get this error. After a few seconds, instead of 20 people, 7-8 people remain and everything works again. Please tell me where to go to solve this problem and so that my IP addresses are not banned. This happens on both IPv4 and IPv6

Hi @nzt94,

Is this website yours? This is to do with the security settings on the site so if not, you will need to contact the owner - Cloudflare won’t be able to help you.

Hi [domjh] No its not my site.
Unfortunately, their support cannot say anything intelligible. Each time they link to my provider, or something else. I assumed that this might be due to some of Cloudflare’s settings.
thanks for the answer

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