Error 1015 and how to get rid of it


Very new to this, I was just playing a casino on my regular site. Right on the middle an error mssg came up and said I was being denied due to being rated ?? Error 1015 ?? How do I remove this ??

Hello @crystal.lund
The error 1015 is due to rate limiting.

  • If you are a site visitor, contact the site owner to request exclusion of your IP from rate limiting.
  • If you are the site owner, review Cloudflare Rate Limiting thresholds and adjust your Rate Limiting configuration.
  • If your Rate Limiting blocks requests in a short time period (i.e. 1 second) try increasing the time period to 10 seconds.

Hope this helps to understand and overcome the issue.

Rate limiting refers to the practice of restricting the number of requests or connections that a client can make to the server within a specific time period. It is a mechanism used to control and manage the flow of incoming requests to protect the server from being overwhelmed or abused.

Rate limiting is implemented to prevent various issues such as:

Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks: Attackers may flood a server with a massive number of requests, exhausting its resources and rendering it unavailable to legitimate users. Rate limiting can help mitigate the impact of such attacks by limiting the number of requests an attacker can make within a given time frame.

Throttling abusive clients: Sometimes, certain clients or applications may send an excessive number of requests, intentionally or unintentionally, causing a strain on the server. Rate limiting allows the server to restrict the number of requests from such clients, preventing them from monopolizing server resources.

Protecting against brute-force attacks: Rate limiting can be employed to prevent brute-force attacks, where an attacker attempts to guess passwords or access restricted areas of a website by trying numerous combinations. By limiting the number of login attempts within a specific time period, rate limiting can make these attacks significantly more difficult.

Rate limiting is typically implemented based on certain criteria, such as the client’s IP address, user account, or API key. When a client exceeds the defined threshold (e.g., number of requests per minute), the server can respond with an error code (e.g., 429 Too Many Requests) or delay the response to slow down the client’s requests.

Overall, rate limiting is an essential security and performance measure for web servers, ensuring fair resource allocation, protecting against abuse, and maintaining availability for all legitimate users.

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