Error 1014 with AccessTunnel and Cloudflared

Hello Everyone,

I’ve just configured an AccessTunnel and Cloudflarer on my Unraid server.
I wanted to test if all was working - and I got ERROR 1014 on my hosted app.

DNS its by Cloudflare itself.

Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned

Common cause

By default, Cloudflare prohibits a DNS CNAME record between domains in different Cloudflare accounts. CNAME records are permitted within a domain ( CNAME to ) and across zones within the same user account ( CNAME to ).

Additionally, an error 1014 can be returned when a Cloudflare Apps is used on a client domain which origin is a provider using our SSL for SaaS solution. Unfortunately, this set up is not yet supported.

it’s all on the same domain

What’s the domain?

resolved, my bad I wrote the tunnel address wrongly.
Now the 1014 error is gone :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that!

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