Error 1014 using Kajabi

Hi Community, I’m getting a 1014 error. I’ve read the tutorials and looked through the community, but I don’t know my next steps. I ran the diagnostic and got the following errors: DNSSEC (no records), DS record config (no records), HTTPS status (fail 400+), mixed content (response_non_200). I only have one Cloudflare account.

One of the problems might be the A record. It is showing a godaddy parking IP. I don’t what IP to change that to.

The CNAME www to Kajabi with grey cloud I think is correct.

I have 6 other CNAMEs with an orange cloud.

There’s an orange triangle next to the second SRV. I read in a community post to try deleting it, but I don’t know if I should do that in my case.

I had originally started to connect my Kajabi site with their built-in Cloudflare interface, but it didn’t go through the first time, so I removed my domain from Cloudflare and tried to do it manually at godaddy. After talking to godaddy, they recommended that I go back to Cloudflare. So I may have unintentionally mucked things up in the process.

Below is a screenshot of my DNS panel.
Thank you for any advice.

A 1014 implies that you have a CNAME to Kajabi (they use Cloudflare), but they are not configured to respond to your domain requests.

Thanks! I will check with Kajabi support.

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Thank you @sdayman. Kajabi support was able to resolve the issue. It took a while on the phone, but eventually they were able to sort it out. Thank you again!

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