Error 1014 trying to dns cname to webshop

I’m trying to setup my dns with my tebex webshop.

I used the Netcup DNS before, but had other problems there and have now switched to Cloudflare. Here my SRV entries work perfectly, however, I now get an ERROR 1014 with the CNAME forwarding to my Tebex store.
I have tried to find a solution and have read that it is probably because Tebex also hosts at Cloudflare. That may be, but I must still have a way to redirect to their webshop if I also use Cloudflare. Can anyone help me?

Have you tried the Tebex configuration guide, that specifically claims to do it within Cloudflare?

Yes, I’ve done it exactly in this way.
Doing this in the netcup DNS worked fine. I don’t think the problem is the DNS is not setup correctly. It’s something about Cloudflare denieing the access to the tebex site.
At least that’s what I read from the error message.

Have been able to solve the problem.
On the tebex page of the setup I had specified the domain www.myexample******.net as domain for the setup.
I have now deleted all CNAMEs at Cloudflare and left only the store.myexample******.net in there, then set tebex just that subdomain as my “custom domain”. Works now flawlessly.

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