Error 1014 solution

Hello, I see this message, what does it all mean? I see other tickets with this question but none with an answer a person who has no knowledge and expertise in this understands, or how and where to solve it.

Thanks, Sabrina

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A CNAME has two names, the alias and the canonical name. If we look at a CNAME for www that points to, www is the alias and is the canonical name. The canonical name need not be in the same domain as the alias.

In the case of 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned, your canonical name contains another domain in a different Cloudflare account. As the message indicates, that is not permitted. The operator of the domain in your Canonical name will need to use Cloudflare for SaaS if they want to offer such configurations as the one you are attempting.

Alternately you could switch that DNS entry from :orange: to :grey: which will bypass the Cloudflare proxy resulting in a direct connection to the host at your canonical name.


Thanks, will try that.


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