Error 1014 Ray ID: 67705b8799b2c667 • 2021-07-30 17:37:53 UTC CNAME Cross-User Banned

Hey Community,

I get this error
Error 1014

Ray ID: 67705b8799b2c667 • 2021-07-30 17:37:53 UTC

CNAME Cross-User Banned after changing my CNAME.

I’m not sure what to do next.
Also, when I send an email to CLOUDFLARE i get a response directly what says ‘solved’

Please help because I’d like my website up and running ASAP.

Thank you

Hi @user1138,

By default, you can’t point a CNAME to a proxied domain in a different Cloudflare account. Is the target of your CNAME a domain you own?

Yes it’s my own domain

That’s the domain with the CNAME record, I mean where that record is pointing to. Is that yours or a service provider?

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That’s through Bluehost

In which case, you have either pointed the CNAME to the wrong place, or it’s a configuration issue with the service it’s pointed to. You should contact them for advice.

Oh the CNAME is pointing to clickfunnels. What should I do with this? Because they told me that I have to contact cloudflare

Usually the only way to resolve this is for the target of the CNAME, i.e. Clickfunnels, to contact Cloudflare directly.

That’s what I did but they not seem to fix my problem?

Do you know if there is a live chat?

With Cloudflare? Not unless you are on the Business or Enterprise plan.

I can check this with a support engineer, but I’m pretty sure Clickfunnels will have to be the ones to fix this.


I should contact click funnels to tell them they need to contact cloudflare?

Is the record just the standard CNAME pointing to

If so, this is odd. I still think they will need to resolve this, but I’ve also escalated the thread to a support engineer.

These 2 cnames





Can you try creating a 301 Forwarding URL Page Rule that forwards * to ? Note, you will need to proxy (orange cloud) the CNAME record in order for the Page Rule to apply.

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