Error 1014 on our URL

Hi there Cloudflare community!

Thank you in advance for your help on this.

We have been using cloudflare for quite some time and all of sudden saw this come up on our URL today:

"Error 1014 Ray ID: 68364ec168e1532b • 2021-08-23 18:12:11 UTC CNAME Cross-User Banned"

We haven’t made any changes or anything that we know of. How can we go about fixing this issue?

Thank you!

What hostname is that CNAME pointed to? Chances are the website you’re pointing to just recently decided to sign up for Cloudflare themselves and broke their target for other CF customers.

It sounds like this thread:

Thank you. Looks like its pointed to:

This is the domain name:


Henry isn’t a web server. That’s a DNS server. Are you sure your CNAME points to henry?

Sorry, I believe you are correct. That is the where the dns server is pointed not CNAME.

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Looks like it was resolved and was an issue from the hosting.