Error 1014 due to a subdomain "try"

Dear community

I’ve had an issue, I’ve got an Error: 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned. I don’t know. I thought what I can add any subdomain “,,,, etc.” Also, I checked this in the documentation from Cloudflare:

I have the next doubts:

Does Cloudflare have some constraint to free use of subdomain?
Are there subdomain allowed and others not allowed in Cloudflare?

Could the community help me?
I would appreciate it


If “” is a :orange: Proxied “A” record, you shouldn’t have a problem with pointing CNAME records from the same domain to it. But if you’re trying to CNAME to a :orange: Proxied hostname that’s outside your account, you can’t do it unless the target is on an Enterprise Plan configured for your CNAME.

Hi, @sdayman Thank you for your answer. My is a :orange: Proxied "CNAME " record. However, I’m not trying to redirect to the same domain whether not another domain “”. Can I add this another domain some way to Cloudflare? or Is this impossible?

What is the actual domain giving the 1014 error?

Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned

Common cause

By default, Cloudflare prohibits a DNS CNAME record between domains in different Cloudflare accounts. CNAME records are permitted within a domain ( CNAME to ) and across zones within the same user account ( CNAME to ).


To allow CNAME record resolution to a domain in a different Cloudflare account, the domain owner of the CNAME target must contact Cloudflare Support and specify the domains allowed to CNAME to their target domain. A Cloudflare Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan is required on the target domain for Cloudflare Support to change default CNAME restrictions.

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