Error 1014, DNS configuration, and health check errors

I’m attempting to use my domain name for my Picfair website, which tells me to do this add two cnames. I copied and pasted all the info, but Picfair still thinks that the target for one name is wrong, and the other doesn’t exist, despite it being there.

I also have this warning in the DNS tab:

I believe it’s because of the wildcard DNS Name - I have two A records with an IP address as the target. One is named * and the other is my domain name.

Can I just delete the wildcard record? Or will that mess something up?

Please be kind - I am so very much in over my head here.

Other errors:
I get an error 1014 when I type in the URL. Is that something to do with the wildcard DNS configuration? I am so confused and don’t even know where to begin to resolve that issue.

The health check has come up with some other issues:

  1. The hostname has no DS records. - clicking resolve here takes me back to the DNS configuration page, which I am totally lost on.
  2. Does the site respond with a successful HTTPS status? No, your request failed with a response status of 400 or above.
  3. Does the website mix encrypted and non-encrypted content? The site’s web server responded with a status code that isn’t 200 (OK).
    I’ve clicked learn more on both of those and I am really struggling to understand how to make this work.

Apologies for the length and number of issues here - I’ve been trying to figure this out for so long and it is all so over my head. Please help!

Hi @kirstygems,

Are you still running into issues with this?

What are the CNAMEs you are trying to add? It may be that to validate them, you will need to change the records from :orange: to :grey:, this means they won’t be proxied through Cloudflare and Picfair should see the records directly.

The message about exposing your origin IP should be clarified by a small orange symbol on the left hand side of the record that does that. It probably is your Wildcard record as that can’t be proxies unless you are on an Enterprise plan. You can most likely delete it if you don’t have a large number of subdomains ( that don’t each have their own record.

Then on to the other issues:

  1. If you don’t have DNSSEC enabled then don’t worry about DS records, it’s an extra security feature which you may want to consider at some point, but if it’s disabled, it shouldn’t affect what you are trying to do.
  2. Does your site work OK when you visit it? If not, what error do you get?
  3. If you see “Mixed Content” or “Not fully secure” messages when visiting your site, this can be an issue. This post explains what it is: Mixed Content and Community Tip - Fixing mixed content errors has some good tips on resolving it.
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Thank you so much for your advice. Changing the CName Records to DNS only allowed Picfair to see them.

I’ve deleted the Wildcard record, which doesn’t seem to have changed anything except getting rid of the warning.

I’m no longer getting a warning when I type in my website - just a note that the site can’t be found. Picfair is still working to get it set up:

Is there a way that I can get my domain name without the www to redirect to the full URL?

No problem, glad that helped.

Absolutely, this tutorial should fit what you need perfectly!

You are a star! Thank you so much for your help.

Thanks, no problem! Please just let us know if you need any more help :slight_smile:

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