Error 1014- delete CNAME?

I am getting this error message after attempting to temporarily change my nameserver to Siteground. Wondering if the solution is to just delete the two CNAME shown here?

Where are you seeing the 1014 error?

I get a redirect error and this tip should help you to pinpoint why

If you are changing Nameservers you need to make the change at your Registrar. The image shows that you have added two NS records to your Cloudflare account, which will not have the desired result.

And I don’t understand why a “temporary” change of nameservers would be necessary on anything except a disposable domain.

I have to access my old Word Press site through Siteground in order to retrieve all of my files/blog posts. Once I do that, I am changing back to Cloudflare.

OK. Changing your nameservers is probably overkill. If you know the IP address of your old Wordpress site, just add an entry to the local hosts file, and that should be enough to access it to extract the data.

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