Error 1014: Cross-User Banned


I created a cloudflare account with a bad email that couldn’t be verified. By the time I realised this, I had already pointed nameservers to it and had everything up and running.

I’ve now created a new account with a working email, set up records and rules, and pointed my nameserevers to the new cloudflare account.

I then removed the domain/site from the old, broken account.

Even though the old account now doesn’t have the domain/CNAME’s on it, I’m still getting a Cross-User Banned error.

What do I have to do to get my site working again?

I’ve just disabled proxy on my www CNAME and the main domain is working. I have a forwarding URL page rule set up that doesn’t work (this makes sense to me as essentially disabling proxy means cloudflare isn’t acting as the middle man?)

I’m hoping this fix is as easy as removing the “ownership” of this domain from the old account.

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