Error 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned

Hiya guys,

I have a subdomain (call it A) in my CF that is an A record to the IP of our VPS server, this has an orange cloud.
I have then have a second subdomain (call it B) in my CF that has a CNAME record to A, this has an orange cloud.

We now have a secondary CF account where we want to add a new subdomain (call it C) that will have a CNAME record pointing to B, this is currently a grey cloud.

However if you now access C in a browser, you get the CNAME Cross-User Banned error. How do we resolve this or is it not possible.

I know this has been answered before but I thought I’d ask so I can get a specific answer to my situation.

So your setup is as follows?

Account #1

a IN A x.x.x.x (proxied)
b IN CNAME a (proxied)

Account #2

c IN CNAME b.[act#1] (not proxied)

I dont think you can get that working under current Cloudflare rules. Cant you turn the C CNAME into a proxied A record and point it to the same IP address?


Yes that is the correct layout.

Account 2 works from a public listing for its records and so I wouldn’t want to be listing our IP address on that which is why we want to use the CNAMEs.

I am afraid that is probably not possible in that setup, but maybe the two tagged usual suspects :wink: have an idea :man_shrugging:

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