Error 1014 CNAME Cross User Banned

I try to hook my website from Squarespace to Kajabi. Turns out I need to use cloudflare in kajabi, so I change the DNS setting and got error 1014 now

As per the Kajabi documentation, the CNAME needs to be :grey: DNS only.

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yup tried that before, but still not working. :woozy_face:

Does anything changes if you put CNAME _domainconnect, calendar, docs, ftp to :grey: instead of being :orange: like on the provided screenshot?

Can you try to switch some CNAME like www A record :orange: and mail to A record type :grey:?

According to their documentation, should be :orange: in case if you use “Full SSL”.
Rathermore, do you have a valid SSL certificate at your origin/host for your sub-domains?

Have you tried to reach their customer service? Maybe the issue is on their end.

So I created my own Kajabi account to see how this works, and following their instructions I get the same error the first time, but after about 5 minutes the error disappeared. The second time I created a custom domain it worked instantly. You need to wait until the panel on the domain tab shows two green ticks, confirming that they have completed provisioning your custom domain.

My best guess is that occasionally Kajabi have provisioning delays. The email to say the custom domain took a few minutes the first time, and a few seconds the next time.

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