Error 1014 - CNAME Cross-User Banned

Over 2 days and no help from Cloudflare support.

I have no idea why I am getting this error. I don’t have any domains connected to Cloudflare in any way. Why am I getting this error?

See attached

You probably have a CNAME that’s set to :orange:, and that CNAME points to another URL that’s already using Cloudflare. Set your CNAME to :grey: and see if that helps. If that’s working, you can verify Cloudflare is still active by using your browser’s Dev Tools to examine the Response Headers for some of the CF headers.


sdayman, thank you so much for your response. I know only enough about this stuff to be dangerous and I have still have not received a reply from support to my ticket.

If you don’t mind let me give you the whole deal with whats happening.

I am trying to set up a white label connection with a saas company. So I need to point a sub domain of mine to their white label domain.

My domain and sub domain ARE NOT connected to Cloudflare at all. I entered the CNAME record within my domains registrar which is Hover and its pointing to the SAAS companies url which is connected to Cloudflare.

I hope this makes sense and is why I don’t understand the error.

It would seem to me that there is nothing that you can do and it’s the SaaS company using CF that needs to be creating the ticket.

Maybe contact them ?

EDIT: This is a new error to me, but the SaaS company looks to be trying something Cloudflare doesn’t allow.

My original reply mentioned trying to CNAME to something without permission. This is pretty much it:

Yeah, they had set up the permissions ahead of time on their end and specifically told me what to do. " Point your subdomain at this URL. "

Well I am putting it back in their hands to fix…meaning the saas company.

Thank you both for your replies! I really appreciate you trying to help, at least CF has a good community…their support should take a lesson.

You’re welcome.

As it’s not your account you’re having problems with, Cloudflare can’t fix it for you. You have to contact the Cloudflare Customer who has to work it out.

I get that, but you would think they would at least respond saying something like that.

I don’t even think those messages would register, as they’re not from a recognized user. There’s just no reason for companies to respond to support requests by non-customers, and filtering by registered users is a good way to eliminate a substantial amount of spam.

But, as you said, this forum was a viable avenue for help.

Actually I am a registered user and have been for over a year. Free Basic account yes, and low man when it comes to support. but still I was in the system and no response for over 2 days even for a free account is poor service.

I deleted everything just to try and fix the issue.

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Hi there - I suspect that in your case the opening of multiple tickets slowed the response down. I understand that it’s tempting to just keep emailing when you need help, but it’s important to do so on the original ticket. If each message is a new ticket the agents need to sift through a lot of stuff just to get to the actual issue.

@ryan hi sir.
can you help me on this ticket id 1486816.

thank you.

He’s not going to look into your issue without any more information to go on. What’s the problem? What have you tried? How long ago did you open the ticket? Support needs 24 hours or so to respond.

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my problem is about Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned ,
i have wordpress with multisite subdomain, my domain and all subdomain on Cloudflare with orange cloud.
i’m need my friend with other Cloudflare account can pointing cname to my subdomain, and at this support page Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned he said Incoming CNAME records from other user accounts can be permitted for Pro, Business, and Enterprise customers by contacting support.

Has Support gotten back to you on this? I’m curious as to how this process works.

support can’t help me, my solution is just incaps***. with incaps*** i can secure my server and flexible with my user because this service not blocked cross cname from other domain. Cloudflare is better than incaps*** but Cloudflare not for me and not for other people with same problem as my problem.

i’m very sad with coudflare, why not look other competitor. why filter incomming domain? why not just filter incomming traffic? :frowning:

It appears that support is still investigating. Perhaps you should give them some more time.

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