Error 1014 cname cross-user banned -

error 1014 cname cross-user banned: i am attempting to point a cname to however i get the error message - it previously worked now doesn’t with no DNS changes in between. Issue is uses cloudflare and i am pointing via cloudflare DNS. intercom is a third party which i have no control over hence the problem arising.

This worked before but has stopped working so configuration was correct
I have removed and re-instated the DNS record, unproxied and TTL to Auto
Cache has been cleared

I need to understand how to fix

The Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned error happens when you are pointing from one Cloudflare domain to another across different customer accounts. The solution to this is to configure the hostname you want as a Software as a Service (SaaS) hostname on Cloudflare.

How to resolve

You should add a custom hostname in the account & domain you are pointing to using our Cloudflare for SaaS product. Cloudflare for SaaS allows the customers of SaaS providers to CNAME their custom domains to the SaaS provider. This offers SaaS customers the benefit of a branded and encrypted vanity domain.

You will want to reach out to as they will need to set this up.

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