Error 1014 - CNAME Cross-User Ban

Need a little help, just got off the phone with Go High Level support and they were no help. Told me to contact Cloudflare support.

I added a subdomain for a funnel within GHL. The subdomain is ( It instructed me to add a CNAME to my DNS (or it would do it automatically). Pretty straight forward process… But, I am running into an Error 1014 - CNAME Cross-User Banned page. I waited 24 hours, thinking maybe it was still propagating. But, now it appears that maybe somewhere, someone, needs to allow something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as my client is eagerly awaiting this landing page to go live. Thank you very much in advance!

You correctly have your CNAME for set to “DNS only” following their own instructions…

…so this error is likely because something is not configured correctly on the Go High Level side (as they use Cloudflare for SaaS).

Try their support again and hopefully you’ll get someone else that can resolve this for you. If you get stuck, post back.

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I am on the line with GHL support and they continue to point the issue back to Cloudflare. Within some documentation it states,

“Error 1014 is not critical, but it can block user access to your website. To fix the error, we recommend first contacting Cloudflare support and asking them to lift the restriction. Otherwise, you will need to disable Cloudflare for the domain with the CNAME record. Alternatively, you can change the entry to an A record.”


My client primary card expired on Cloudflare so the account was downgraded from Pro to Free.

And after finding this helpful article (Resolving the Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned Error - 10Web), I was able to realize that this type of CNAME usage is not allowed on the Free Accounts.

But, it worked instantly once I updated the card on file and upgraded the account to Pro.

Problem Solved.

That’s not the reason, cross-user CNAMEs are banned regardless of plan unless the target is using Cloudflare for SaaS (as GHL does) in which case all plans (even free) can use such a CNAME. Many GHL users are on a free plan.

The reference to a Pro plan in the document you link to is that a Pro plan is required to raise some types of tickets that free accounts can get to - it is not connected to fixing a 1014 error.

It seems you deleted the DNS CNAME record when I checked earlier, and adding it back again likely has caused the Cloudflare for SaaS configuration to take place correctly for GHL and make your site available.


I had already removed it and re-added it multiple time with no success over 24 hours.

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