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We’re currently managing a URL shortener for our clients and would like to use Cloudflare to generate SSL for our clients’ subdomains. Our clients declare a CNAME to our zone, and we generate the SSL certificate with a custom hostname.

We’re experiencing issues with one client who has two subdomains delegated to us. These subdomains - and - are blocked due to a held zone. We’ve been unable to find the option to remove the hold zone in the quick section with our client.

Could you assist us in unblocking these domains?


Hi there,

The error you’re getting here means that this zone is active on another Cloudflare account and the Zone Hold feature is enabled:

You can find more details about the Zone Hold feature in our documentation:

You will need to contact the owner of the Cloudflare account where the zone is active, so they can disable Zone Hold for this zone.

If you have access to the account holding it, please read this: Release zone holds

Note that if they have the enterprise plan though a 3rd party instead of directly from Cloudflare, they will likely need to contact them directly.

Take care.

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Hello @mcorreia,

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, I was not able to find a toggle to remove the hold zone in the quick section.
Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 12.05.32

Could you provide me with a screenshot with this toggle?

Thank you,

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Hi there,

Note that this needs to be disabled at their zone.

OFC, it should look like this:

This was taken from one of my own zones.

I can’t really share to many details about it since you have no direct access to the specified zones with this email, but if they are a direct Cloudflare customer, any super administrator is capable of disabling this hold. If they have any issues, have them contacting us or reach out to their CSM.
If they are not a direct Cloudflare customer, have them contacting their provider.

Take care.

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Thank you very much @mcorreia.
I’ll check that with my client.

After consulting with my client, who has an enterprise license, it seems that it’s not possible to release a hold for a specific subdomain. Is it possible to release a hold for a single subdomain to another Cloudflare account?

I’m unclear about how a hold impacts the Cloudflare for SaaS feature. If our client declares a CNAME that points to our zone, I don’t understand why a hold would block this specific hostname.

Hi there,

Check my screen. If they uncheck that “Also prevent subdomains” box, it should be enough to allow a custom hostname to go through to your SaaS zone.

Take care.

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