Error 1009 - newly assigned CIDR is in country XX - how to fix GeoIP?


I’m trying to connect from a newly issued CIDR from ARIN, however Cloudflare consideres that new CIDR in country XX (Unknown/reserved), so the GeoIP entry for that needs updating.

Currently this is causing Error 1009 failures for sites that don’t allow access from Unknown countries.

How do I go about getting the GeoIP entry for this CIDR fixed?

Example failure (with IP masked)

Error 1009

Ray ID: 69e33f61081d332c • 2021-10-14 19:34:52 UTC

Access denied

What happened?

The owner of this website ( has banned the country or region your IP address is in (XX) from accessing this website.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 69e33f61081d332c • Your IP: • Performance & security by Cloudflare

That probably comes from MaxMind. You can certainly open a ticket here and see if they can get that database updated.

Humm, well Your IP Address's GeoIP2 Data | MaxMind shows correct country for the CIDR. How would I ‘open a ticket here’, there does not appear to be a way for users to submit tickets, only paying customers.

If you visit and which country did you see in the results? You might want to contact Maxmind or IP2Location to update the geolocation information.

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Both ip2location and maxmind are showing correct country, cloudflare is no longer blocking me either, so either the datasets were refreshed or someone fixed it.

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