Error 1006 i cannot acces to RIOT

Hello, my name is Iker Maldonado, y resently tried to acces to League of legends, a game by RIOT, but i keep getting an error page with code 1006 “Acces denied”. It saids that RIOT has banned my IP… i can not believe this 'cause i never have enter in the service before… is there a email or someone who i can report this issue???

Thank you

My guess is to contact them through the domain, but if it’s an account-wide IP ban you still will not able to access it. If possible, post the RAY ID here or screenshot the error page.

Thanks for replying so quickly, the Ray ID: 4765838ab8279a52

Thanks again!

It not about your person. There are different ways to block traffic to Cloudflare protected websites. Single IPs, whole network blocks or even entire countries. Most common reason for Website owners to block traffic malicious activity from an IP or network. If your IP is assigned dynamically by your ISP you can try to turn off your router wait a minute or two and fire it up again.

If nothing helps the best way ist to contact them. I couldn’t find an email address for international support, only for Germany. You’ll need to do a bit of google research or in their forums.

Try to file a ticket first:

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