Error 1006 banned Wordpress sites IP address

I have several Wordpress connected to my Cloudlfare sites, but since yesterday ALL my Wordpress pages showing that my Cloudflare site is banned my Wordpress server IP address.

I never block my own Wordpress server IP address.

I went to Cloudflare dashboard > Firewall Rules to whitelist my IP, and also Firewall Tools to whitelist my IP, but both way doesn’t help.

How to unblock my Wordpress server IP?


Can you screenshot the error? That doesn’t sound like a Cloudflare error message.

Here’s the screenshot:

The IP address is my Wordpress server IP address.

Looks like you’re proxying a different website? Your browser shows cbpassiveincome while the error shows cbpassiveincome30.

  • Do you own both of these domains?
  • Are you reverse proxying another website yourself?
  • Who is your website host?

Yes, I own both domain.

Actually is using Clickfunnel website builder to build webpages. Clickfunnel need the domain to host on Cloudflare in order to use the webpage builder. is my another domain that hosted at liquidweb. I installed Wordpress, installed Clickfunnel wordpress plugin, then sync webpages from

I am not sure why it suddenly show my block my server.

What exactly do you mean by “sync”? But whether you store pages locally or actually proxy, it would seem your server’s IP address is blocked on Cloudflare’s side.

Can you post a screenshot of your firewall rules as well as your IP access rules?

The sync mean something like ‘iframe’ the webpage from is actually iframe the page from by using Clickfunnel Wordpress plugin.

Firewall screenshot:

I have submitted ticket to Cloudflare support since yesterday but haven’t hear from them yet.

Any solution for that?

An iframe is not a sync and there is no iframe whatsoever on the domain in question.

You truncated the screenshot of the IP access rules. Is there more?

I am not really sure about the technical term, basically I am using Cloudflare for Clickfunnel domain integration.

About the screenshot, I think you’re referring to see the IP settings details:

I was referring to the second screenshot, which appears to be truncated.

Here’s the second screenshot:

Looks all right then, in this case I’d wait until support gets back to you.

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