Error 1006, Acess Denied

Good evening everyone!
I was browsing a website and out of nowhere “Error 1006, Acess Denied” appeared. He says the owner blocked me. Well, I didn’t understand what happened so I went searching on the internet and ended up getting here.
This happened this morning and in the afternoon it was already picking up again, but it returned to give error. I don’t know what that is, but I saw that a solution is to talk to the website owner, but I can’t find his contact and I really like your site.
Guys, could anyone tell me how can I contact the owner of the site?
Sorry for any mistake (I don’t speak English)
Thanks in advance!

Sorry, Cloudflare can not provider contact info for website owners.

My suggestion is to try connecting to it over a mobile network and see if there is contact info.

Unfortunately I didn’t find anything friendly and I still don’t understand what happened, I always used this site and today that happened. But thanks anyway! If this is a mistake, how can I find out? The site went down, came back and went out again. In this case, I can wait to see if it comes back.

Besides the ip that shows is not even mine in reality.

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