Error 1006 Access denied to my own blog

This week I’ve been transferring my Blogspot blogs to the Cloudflare nameservers and moving my domain names from GoDaddy and Dreamhost to Cloudflare., which domain name was hosted at Dreamhost is now inaccessible. I get an 1006 error code: Access denied to my own blog.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I panicked and stopped the domain transfer from Dreamhost to Cloudflare hoping that would help, but so far I still get the 1006 error.


Hi there,

I’m not able to replicate the 1006 error currently when I browse to your site. HoweverI do see a 1000 error.

A 1000 error means essentially there is a loop in Cloudflare and the HTTP request does not know how to reach your origin server, so it fails and we return a 1000 to stop the loop.

I would recommend reviewing your DNS records and making sure that they point to the IP address of your web server. You should confirm with DreamHost on what your DNS records should be configured and then make sure those records are configured in your zone as they suggest.

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