Error 1003 : Direct IP access not allowed



Hello, I’m the owner of a site that turns a picture into words and our problem is that we have received this information on a SEO report: “Canonicalize your IP address”. How can we solve this problem in Cloudflare? We need an static IP address in CloudFlare and that IP adrress shoul dredirect to If we insert the IP address then a 1003 : Direct IP access not allowed error is shown.

Thank you.


We don’t advise hardcoding IPs because they are subject to change. There is no static IP option available.

  1. As @Ryan mentioned, you’re not going to get an IP address you can use for Canonicalization.

  2. The only way it would make any sense is if a user who types in your Cloudflare IP address would see the same content they would see if they just typed in your full domain URL. But it won’t. So Google, or any other Search Engine, isn’t going to be confused by duplicate content appearing at your Domain URL and its associated IP address.

Was this a human-generated SEO report? It sounds like a canned suggestion that does not apply to you.