Error 1002 (is not a registered domain) Name com

Hi. I have tried add domain to cloudflare. But it show me message " is not a registered domain’’. Then i try again and it works. Then i delete domain from cloudflare and try add domain and it show error again. When i try add domain to cloudflare using API then i get from API response: {“success”:false,“errors”:[{“code”:1002,“message”:“Invalid domain”}],“messages”:,“result”:null} . My domain registrator - Name com. Before i try add domain to cloudflare i change nameserver of domain to default(Name com nameservers), set dns for domain in, wait for nslookup for updating DNS and then i try add domain to cloudflare. It works randomly, one time it add domain, another time - not. But domains .com always added properly. Can you help me with this problem please?

It probably took a bit for the registration to propagate. Give it a try now.

Same problem. I must try a lot of times for adding this domain. I try both API and GUI. So at last i can add this domain but it needs a lot of tries and it is a problem.

I recommend opening a support ticket; it should’ve gone through by now. There might be something else wrong.