**error 1001**

Building on shopify, domain (baroncushions) at transip.nl with all the right settings but getting:

error 1001 Ray ID: 87c600633dc96685 • 2024-04-30 08:01:01 UTC DNS resolution error

So made a account on cloudflare and changed nameservers to cloudflare and imported DNS settings but now if I made the domain primary It’s no way near the design It should be! :rofl: Support of transip is like go to shopify and shopify tried to help but said best way is to resolve this with Cloudflare, so basically I’m spinning around anybody got an idea?

Your DNS record for baroncusions.nl is proxied. If this is pointing to Shopify, as Shopify uses Cloudflare, you need to set the DNS record to “DNS only” instead of “Proxied” (you have www set correctly, but it redirects to baroncusions.nl on Shopify).

Thanks you so much for your answer😁

Currently using the NS of Clouflare
|NS| ainsley.ns.cloudflare.com
|NS| watson.ns.cloudflare.com
Should I switch back to Transip NS settings or is this okay?

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