Error 1001 - Site not secured after disabling Cloudflare


I just deactivated / deleted my domain from CloudFlare, and put back my webhost namserver instead of Cloudflare’s.
But after 45 min my site is now down : error 1001 (from Cloudflare) or Non-secured browser message, depending of the browser.

Do you think that is just temporary, and situation will be back just by waiting ?

How long could this “propagation” DNS changes last ?

Thanks for your help,

Name server changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate. Most people leave their Cloudflare setup in place until that transition has completed, then close it out.



So if I had not closed my domain account, the site still would be up ? If yes, damn :frowning:

Are my 2 errors, symptomatic of this situation ? My fear is about the SSL certificate (from my webhoster, I hope it will be back like before installing Cloudflare) :

  • 1001 DNS resolution error
  • Not secured website from the browser (with the messages “Take the risk” OR “Back to safe place”)


Cloudflare has no information to provide for anybody trying to connect to your site now. Your site should start showing up for some people today and get progressively better as the name server propagation takes hold.

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ok thank you.

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