Error 1001 Ray ID:

Error 1001Ray ID: 51b4cb80eea4d671 • 2019-09-24 12:34:51 UTC

that is what i have and my website is broke for 5 hours cuz i just delete my website from cloudflare so any help

Hi @aissabuter,

Have you read the relevant support article?

well thanks for u guys my wibsite dont work anymore
and my hosting wibsite not answer me too :slight_smile:

Time to change host then :wink:

any other ideas !

Other than changing to a host who actually responds to their customers? Not much :smile:

As for Cloudflare, you should check out the tutorial @domjh already posted and use the search as prompted when you posted. Should you really not find anything, describe what you found and why it didnt work and then we can continue from there.

can u help me ! in any way i turn DNS to my server but i get 404 erur

Ehm :point_up:t2:

come on i really so bad at english beside am so bad at wibsite am biggner in bouth english and wibsites so please

Sorry, no offence, but you should show some effort as well. This is a community forum, not a paid support line that comes for free.

okey i see
thanks for help and for ur time

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