Error 1001 on the site

Error 1001 on my site, but I removed the site from CloudFlare. Only I can’t go to the site. Other people can. I can only access the site with a VPN.

Hi @mineserver123ab,

What’s the domain? Have you changed your nameservers away from Cloudflare.

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I changed the CloudFlare name servers to the hosting name servers. domain - The error appears only for me, other people do not have it.

You must have Cloudflare’s DNS values cached on your side. That domain does not point to Cloudflare any more.

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How can I delete this?

That is something you will have to do locally. Clear your DNS cache on your device, router etc. or try another device/network.

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I cleared the cache using the ipconfig /flushdns command. The error now appears only if I go to the site with http://. With https:// I can go to the site. But this is enough, I can go to the site, thank you very much!

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